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Meet the tech millionaire who sold everything to travel the world with his family

What do you do when you sudden get $54 million in the bank? For Garrett Gee, co-founder of a company acquired by Snapchat, the answer was simple: leave on a seemingly never-ending trip around the world, with wife and kids in tow.

Garrett, 25, Jessica, 30, and their two children, Dorothy, three, and Manilla, one, began their round-the-world adventure in August 2015 – the same year his company was acquired for $54 million. Ten months later and they’ve no plans on stopping yet.

Originally from Utah, Garrett moved to the Bay Area for the abundance of tech opportunities but became frustrated with how the startup scene limited the time he could spend doing the things that mattered to him most, like spending time with his family.

Once his company was acquired, Garrett and Jessica had a choice of what to do with the money, and were free to take their children on a trip most only ever dream of. “A new house and cars didn’t feel right,” said Garrett, in an interview with PEOPLE magazine. “We didn’t need that stuff. We were young, healthy and really didn’t need much of anything. So we started joking about putting our money in savings, selling everything and using those funds to travel the world. Where would we go? What would we do? And as we began to add more plans to our bucket list, it just became real.”

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But, although they have access to millions of dollars, according to Business Insider, they haven’t touched it. The Garrett family have funded their travels by selling their belongings for $45,000 and travelling frugally. So far they’ve visited 13 countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, and Turks and Caicos.  They’ve hiked The Remarkables, bungee jumped, swam with whales, taken a dip with pigs in the Bahamas and volunteered at an orphanage in Indonesia, to mention but a few envy-inducing experiences.

The Garrett family document their adventures on Instagram, YouTube and their blog, “The Bucket List Family”.