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Lufthansa is selling cheap 'beds in the sky' on Airbnb

Lufthansa is attempting to fill more seats on its planes by listing empty seats on Airbnb.

The German airline is adverting economy seats on its Frankfurt to New York City flights for €699 return, which is almost €200 cheaper than flights listed on its own website.

Writing on their Airbnb listing they say “Our cabin isn’t in the woods, but in the sky!” before adding that your overnight accommodation also includes “a personal food and beverage service at 910 km per hour” as well as “multimedia entertainment and WiFi”. The airline promise to read and respond to every request within 24 hours and currently has an 86% response rate.


The unique accommodation choice is listed as having 4 bathrooms and one shared bedroom with a TV, heating and air conditioning included also. It is also a laptop friendly work space, but does not come with a kitchen or laundry facilities! While the offer might not be attractive to everyone, it’s a great option for anyone who has a lot of Airbnb credit saved up as they might even be able to get a free flight!

A photo posted by Lufthansa (@lufthansa) on May 1, 2016 at 4:36am PDT

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