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A $300,000 three-continent luxury trip explores the world and French crystal brand Baccarat

A $300,000 trip will let you explore the world – and the heritage of a 250-year-old French crystal maker – with private planes, exclusive tours and a lot of luxury.

The Baccarat “Heritage Experience” is a tour package that will bring travellers to three continents, showing off locations that have played a role in the history of the crystal company. The trip begins at the first Baccarat Hotel in New York, where guest will stay and have afternoon tea surrounded by Baccarat pieces. That will be followed by an exclusive after hours visit to Baccarat’s boutique on Madison Avenue.

A tea service so chic even the queen would be jealous.

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The luxury trip won’t stop there, as the guests will head to France on a private plane before visiting the Maison Baccarat to meet the artisans who craft the crystals. They will visit the museum, which houses some of the company’s major works created for heads of state, royal courts and celebrities. Guests will then head out on a helicopter trip to Lorraine, where the company got its start in 1764. Next guests will head to Istanbul to visit the palaces of Berlebey and Dolmabahce and the Baccarat crystal details in the palaces, including numerous chandeliers. From there, they will head to Moscow to see more crystals that were collected by the Russian royal family.

Once again the luxury travellers will board a private plane to go to Tokyo, where they will visit the B Bar and drink cocktails, wine or champagne from any Baccarat glass of their choosing. Finally, they will head to Seoul, South Korea to see Asia’s largest collection of the company’s chandeliers.

The total cost of the trip is $300,000 which includes private aviation, five-star accommodation, meals and activities over eleven nights and twelve days. Baccarat launched its hotels and resorts in 2015, with the first location in New York, followed by Rabat in Morocco. There will be new locations opening in Dubai and Doha over the next few years.