Lonely Planet Writer

New travel gadget lets you go hands-free and wear your suitcase like a tail

A newly launched travel gadget lets you wear your suitcase like a tail, pulling it around the airport hands free.


The simple plastic clip, called My Hitch, clips onto the back of your pants and allows you to attach your carry-on bag and pull it along behind you as you walk.


The tail-like travel gadget was invented by Robert Lian, an airline pilot from California, who wanted to create the world’s first hands free luggage device. After spending a few months testing different designs, he finally developed the current prototype, which you can see in the video below.

Lian says the bag is especially useful if the airport gate is very far away, saying there is no limit on how far you can walk with it. “I’ve walked two-three miles demonstrating my product around Miami Airport. If I wasn’t hungry, I could have walked more,” he says.


The product only works with tight waistbands or if you are wearing a belt, as the weight of the bag could easily pull down loose sweatpants or leggings once you start walking. While you may look a little strange walking around the airport with a bag tied to your rear end, it does allow you to easily carry coffee or other bags and to talk on the phone, while your luggage follows behind you. If pulling your bag still feels like a lot of hassle, you could try find a robot carry your luggage, like the baggage robot currently working at Geneva Airport.