Lonely Planet Writer

Showing off your travels could win you a GoPro in Ryanair contest

While it may not be the most comfortable ride, Ryanair can get travellers where they need to go around Europe. Now, the airline is asking travellers to send in video footage from their trips with Ryanair – and they may win a GoPro from the notoriously no-frills airline.


The company released a video featuring the first compilation of clips of “Ryanair Stories”, featuring footage from travellers on trips to Mallorca, London, Gothenburg and Meteora. The company says it is looking for footage that captures a destination, its people, the food, or the atmosphere. All those who sent in the clips were entered into a draw for the GoPro. The first draw was held on 22 July and the contests will continue to run until December. Ryanair connects more than 200 destinations in 22 countries.