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Instagram account shows off the sights and cuisine of India on a bright yellow plate

Instagram is piled high with photographs focused on food or travel – but one account is combining the best of both worlds, showing off India’s sights and cuisine on a bright yellow plate.

INDIA GATE; Running barefoot and meeting the Bhel Puri wala. •Dhyaan Kidhar Hai, Bhel Puri Idhar Hai.• This is what it said on a small bhel puri mobile stall run by Ravinder Kumar. After my walk, I was looking for something to eat and saw this guy selling bhel puri. I ordered a full plate (Cost Rs.50) and asked him to serve me on my yellow plate. He got confused and said “Bhaiya, ye plate kis liye?” (Brother, why this plate?). To which I replied, “Aap banao, mein batata hun baad mein” (Serve me, I will tell you later). He started chopping onions, green chillies and coriander like a pro and made it ready in a minute. I took my yellow plate, clicked pictures and then showed him, to which he replied “Sir, ye to kamaal hai” (Sir, very nice picture). Ravinder is selling Bhel Puri at India Gate from last 10 years. He travels all the way from Sultanpuri to India gate everyday. He loves what he is doing and was really happy to know that someone is going to write about him. Ravinder is a champion. #MYPRecommends When in Delhi, you must visit India Gate and enjoy a plate of Bhel Puri. #MyYellowPlate #YellowPlate #theyellowplate #Indiagate #India #Indiagram #InstaIndia #IncredibleIndia #indiaclicks #indiapictures #Delhi #Newdelhi #Delhigram #Sodelhi #Dfordelhi #vscodelhi #delhifoodblog #Delhifood #Delhifoodie #delhifoodwalks #delhifoodguide #instadelhi #delhi_igers #delhdiaries #delhifoodies #delhiblog #foodtalkIndia #Indiafood #Indianfood

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Himanshu Sehgal is a 26-year-old based in New Delhi, India. His Instagram account, My Yellow Plate, documents his travels around India through many people’s favourite part of travel – sampling food – all featured on his signature yellow plate.

Himanshu told Lonely Planet that to him, food and travel are deeply connected. “Food is the best way to connect with people and know a culture. And when combined with travel, it’s magic”.

The project started back in August 2015, though it was not initially conceived as a travel project. The plate was sitting unused in his kitchen, so he started eating his meals off it and sharing a few pictures on his personal Instagram account. The results inspired him to start a separate account to share whatever he was eating from the plate and where he was doing it.

Kamla nagar gaye or kashyap ka bread pakora nahi khaya to kuch nahi khaya. What’s on my yellow plate? Paneer Bread Pakora from Kashyap, Kamla nagar. When in or around Kamla Nagar, you have to try this place. Sunil Kshayap moved to Delhi in 1981 from Aligarh and started selling bread pakoras on a cart in Kamla Nagar. Soon he became the talk of area and then talk of the town. “Abhi ek newspaper ne bhi humien cover kiya.( A newspaper covered us recently). – He told me with a big smile on his face. And seriously he deserves that because I have never had such a tasty bread pakora. Have you tried Kashyap ka bread pakora? #myyellowplate #yellowplate #kamlanagar #northdelhi #northcampus #delhi #delhigram #newdelhi #instadelhi #sodelhi #delhifood #ifoundawesome #delhifoodblog #delhifoodies #delhifoodie #delhiuniversity #delhifoodblogger #foodgram #foodtalkindia #foodadventure #foodmaniacIndia #instafood #delhifoodguide #delhiblog #vscodelhi #vscofood #dfordelhi #Indianfood #Indiafood #delhi_igers

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What he loves about food in India is the variety and that is changes from city to city and state to state.

RED FORT; Eating matar kulcha and sneaking through broken fence. What’s on my yellow plate? Matar kulcha from a small mobile cart run by Rohit outside the Red Fort. Rohit is 16 years old and has been selling matar kulcha on his cart from last 4 years at Red Fort. He travels all the way from Yamuna Vihar to Red Fort daily to earn a living. Matar kulcha didn’t appear very hygienic but was okay in taste and it costs only 20 bucks. Now was the time to take pictures.I took my yellow plate, started walking towards the entry and got to know that Red Fort stays closed on Mondays. Disappointed, I moved towards a police booth next to the entry gate with a thought, to tell them the purpose and see if they would let me in. But all I got was rejection. While I was standing there waiting for these guys to look at me or respond, I heard a voice saying “Sir kyu pareshaan ho rahe ho. Andar Jaana hai? Photo leni hai?.” To which I replied, “Haan bhaiya, koi raasta hai?”. He: Aa jao sir sath. *I followed him* 100 meters & he showed me a broken fence and said “Yaha se ghus Jao”. I said NO as I was afraid of getting caught by the police and guards inside. To which he replied “Sir ghus jao koi dikat nai hogi. Jyada hai in sahab se puch lo* Sahab was a policemen sipping tea outside the fort, just sitting few meters away from the broken fence* I went to the Sahab, explained him the whole situation and came back with a smile. Sahab said “Jaldi se photo leke bahar aa jana. Jyada aage tak mat jaana.” I said okay and entered through the broken fence, clicked a picture, came out , had matar kulche and chatted with people around. #myyellowplate #yellowplate #redfort #olddelhi #delhi #delhigram #sodelhi #newdelhi #delhifood #delhifoodblog #delhifoodblogger #delhiblog #delhifoodie #delhifoodguide #delhifoodwalks #delhi_igers #foodtalkIndia #foodgram #foodporn #streetfood #Indianfood #Indiagram #incredibleindia #indiafood #delhidiaries #delhilife #vscodelhi #Indiaclicks #delhitourism #vscoIndia

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His favourite Indian dish is chole bhautre, a dish of spicy chickpeas served with deep fried bread, and his favourite place in India is the city of Leh in Ladakh, which he describes as serene and scenic.

SOMEWHERE IN WEST PATEL NAGAR. What’s on my yellow plate? Butter chicken pasta from Kennedy’s. It’s a small take away joint famous for their shawarma and experiments with food like butter chicken pasta, chilly chicken burger and fusion momos. I landed here for their Butter Chicken Pasta and ended up having almost everything on their menu. Here’s what I tried; Butter Chicken Pasta, Dahi ke Sholay, Chicken Shawarma, Drums of heaven, Chaap and Chilly Chicken Burger (a must try). If you like food experiments and are open to a new fast food experience, this is the place. Have you been here? #myyellowplate #yellowplate #delhifood #delhi #westdelhi #newdelhi #delhigram #instadelhi #sodelhi #delhifoodie #delhifoodies #delhifoodblog #delhidiaries #delhifoodblogger #Indiafood #FoodtalkIndia #foodgram #foodmaniacIndia #instafood #travelandfood #Indiagram #delhi_igers #foodadventures #InstaIndia #foodphotography #vscodelhi #vscofood #foodexplorer #instafoodie #foodbloggerIndia

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Now, he wants to travel to every state of India now and pick a significant dish from that region to put on his yellow plate – a document the results. As for taking his plate out of India, Himanshu says he would love to – he just doesn’t know where yet.