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Fancy running a pub with only 20 customers on a remote Scottish island?

Fancy working in Scotland’s most remote pub where at the busiest times you will only have to serve 20 customers in your bar?

Then the Puff Inn could be the pub of cheer for you as the far-flung premises on St Kilda is looking for a steward that will keep the loyal band of regular drinkers happy.

The pub is not open to the public and only serves Ministry of Defence staff and a few conservationists based on the largest of the Atlantic archipelago called Hirta.

Dùn, in the St Kilda archipelago. Image by CaptainOates / CC BY 2.0
The pub on St Kilda has beer but very few customers. Image by CaptainOates / CC BY 2.0 Image by CaptainOates / CC BY 2.0

According to the Scotsman, one of the key conditions for the new person in charge is to be able “to work on your own initiative.”

There has been no civilian population on St Kilda for 86 years when the remaining residents were evacuated.

Currently, it is seasonal volunteers working to maintain the beauty of the place and people on civilian contracts based at a missile monitoring station who make up the population on the island.

The Puff Inn was originally a military staff canteen but was shut down for some time 11 years ago allegedly following a brawl between two yachtsmen.

Over the years the remote pub had become a popular haunt for hardy sailors and cruise passengers but now only those approved by the MOD are allowed onto the premises.

The new bar manager will be expected to unload supplies delivered by helicopter as well as serve patrons. And if you haven’t applied yet, you still have time as the closing date has been extended from last weekend.