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Man films himself kayaking next to a black bear in upstate New York

A brave man from New York found himself kayaking alongside a massive black bear on Saturday, and captured the entire thing on video.


Matthew Garrity was visiting Hemlock Lake in upstate New York with some friends when he saw something moving in the lake and decided to investigate. He kayaked into the middle of the lake, while his friends stayed safe on firm ground.

Garrity quickly discovered the mysterious object moving across the lake was in fact, a very large black bear! His curiosity got the better of him and he found himself getting closer and kayaking next to a black bear while recording everything on his phone.

Once this incredible experience had been captured, he calmly paddled safely back to shore to meet his friends. The video, which he posted on his Facebook on Saturday evening, has now been viewed almost 300,000 times with over 5000 people sharing it.

This isn’t the first time kayakers have found themselves in a sticky situation. In April of this year, some kayakers in Vancouver’s English Bay were treated to a show by some breaching humpback whales while out for a casual kayak and whale watchers in California had a lucky escape when a 40-foot whale overturned their kayak during a whale watching trip.

Meanwhile, a group of fun-loving kayakers in Canada attempted to break a local record last month by squeezing 138 canoes and kayaks into a single lift lock in Peterborough, Ontario.