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Order your next meal using only emoji at this London pop-up bar

A pop-up bar in London is allowing visitors do what so many modern restaurant-goers dream of – order their meal without ever having to talk to someone.

The Little Yellow Door in Notting Hill has launched an “emoji menu” for the summer, which allows guests to send a WhatsApp message to the restaurant with a string of emoji – indicating different dishes set out on the menu – to place their order.

The pop-up opens Wednesday through Saturday, and the emoji menu is available on Wednesdays and Thursdays through the summer. Guests can order two courses and a cocktail for £15 – but have to decipher what’s on offer.

The menu is easy enough to figure out, including buffalo chicken wings with carrots and blue cheese, and a chicken sandwich with bacon, tomato and avocado. Other menu items have less precise emoji-equivalents, as one seems to be a beef sandwich with mushrooms, what could be an onion or a nut, and a rocket ship – which one must assume means arugula.

Once you figure out your order, you can WhatsApp your table number and selection to a number given on the menu – but if that seems too complicated you can just ask a waiter.

The new menu is not the first example of an emoji menu – last week Pizza Hut introduced a similar service to mark World Emoji Day, though it was only available for a short time.

A hotel in Manhattan also launched a room service menu written entirely in emoji earlier this year. The Aloft Hotel in New York added a service called Text It, Get It, which provided guests with a menu of six different items that could be ordered with emoji. One menu item required guests to text a water droplet, pill and banana emoji to receive a packaged called “The Hangover” to receive vitamin water, painkillers and bananas.