Lonely Planet Writer

Fluffy can come too! Introducing the bubble backpack

So you like to travel and would love to bring your cat or small dog along with you? Fret no more as a new pet backpack carrier has come on the market, and it has a unique bubble window to allow your furry friend to gaze out on the world.

The U-pet backpack combines a mobile pet bed, in-cabin airplane carrier and car seat all in one, and the great news is that it has been approved on most major USDA & IATA airlines. It has a mesh panel that can be switched for a perspex bubble, to allow the adventurous pet to take in its surroundings. It’s cosy and comfortable for the pet to relax in, and it has ventilation holes to allow air to circulate.


The pet carrier has adjustable backpack straps and a carrying handle to make it easier to attach to a seatbelt, so that the pet is safe while driving. It weighs 3.9lbs and fits pets of up to 16lb in weight, and you can also strap it to your back.  So if your pet is as keen to see the world as you are, you have no excuse now not to leave them behind.