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Thirsty in London? Why not board the travelling gin bus?

Public transport has just got a whole lot more interesting (and posh), now that we’ve learned that a bus serving gin will travel around the English capital of London for a week this month. Running from 21 to 29 July (excluding Mondays), the novel mode of transport, which is sure to add to the gaiety of the nation, has been provided by the quirky Hendrick’s Gin company.

The Hendrick's Gin Bus will travel throughout London. Image: Hendrick's Gin
The Hendrick’s Gin Bus will travel throughout London. Image: Hendrick’s Gin

Hendrick’s is well-known for its quirky and unusual promotions, and in this case, its Ministry of Marginally Superior Transport is providing H.E.R.B.E.R.T, aka Hendrick’s Extraordinary Roving Bus for Exceptionally Refined Travel, to counteract what it deems the “ills associated with terrible etiquette across London’s transport system.”


The double-decker bus, which resembles a giant cucumber, will travel between 4pm and 9pm on the selected dates, and passengers can hop on board at Hendrick’s stops on Victoria Street, Westminster (SW1H 0ET), Southbank (SE1 8XT), Theobalds Road, Holborn (WC1X 8SP) or Euston Road, Kings Cross (NW1 2SX).

Distributing Hendrick's Gin's nonsensical guide to travel The Unusual Times. Image: Hendrick's Gin
Distributing Hendrick’s Gin’s nonsensical guide to travel The Unusual Times. Image: Hendrick’s Gin

Tickets cost £2.50 and bartenders will be on hand to serve gin and tonics, cocktails and cucumber macaroons. Sounds like it’s definitely going to be more fun than your average boring bus journey.

This is not the first novel promotion the company has engaged in, as its recent activities include distributing its “nonsensical guide to travel,” The Unusual Times, and The Tweed Run, a metropolitan bicycle ride with a bit of style. Sounds to us like this mad ministry of fun should be elected to govern the world, because we sure approve of its policies and fun-loving approach.