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Freak weather system brings snow to Switzerland just days after heatwave

Switzerland had some extremely unusual weather this week, with a rollercoaster of high temperatures and gloriously sunny days, followed by a plunge into what seemed like the depths of a snowy winter.

Last weekend, lower villages in the Swiss Alps were enjoying being bathed in sunshine, as temperatures reached over 90 degrees. But just days after this heatwave, some highly unexpected snow began to fall in some areas of the country, including certain villages as low as 1600m.

St. Moritz, Switzerland.
St. Moritz, Switzerland. Image by Dennis Jarvis / CC BY-SA 2.0

The village of St Moritz in the canton of Graubünden was one unusual place for snowfall at this time of year, and many Swiss mountain passes, including the Furka Pass and the Nufenenpass, were blocked by snow. These passes are usually open during these months, as while snow at lower elevations is not uncommon in May, it’s almost unheard of in July.

Locarno, Switzerland.
Locarno, Switzerland. Image by Vasile Cotovanu / CC BY 2.0

Other parts of the country, including Geneva, experienced light rains, while Locarno,in the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino was the only place in the whole country to have a more predictable warm summer weather on Thursday, reports The Local.

Fortunately for anyone on summer holidays, Switzerland’s weather is expected to return to normal this week, with sunshine and warm temperatures across the country.