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You control this spectacular new digital art exhibition opening in Tokyo

A stunning new immersive digital art exhibition is coming to Tokyo. Opening July 16 and running until August 31, the art collective teamLab has designed a 3,000 square metre showcase of immersive art. The showcase is designed like a labyrinth, encouraging visitors to engage with the larger-than-life, interactive artworks.

digital art exhibition Tokyo
Drawing on the Water Surface Created by the Dance of Koi and People Image by teamLab

The star attraction in the Tokyo digital art exhibition will be the ‘Wander through the Crystal Universe’, a three-dimensional light space that is controlled by the viewer. As visitors walk through the kaleidoscopic digital maze, the colour and intensity of the lights change, putting them at the “centre of the universe”. You can also choose to change the space by using your smartphone, adding digital elements to the artwork.

Tokyo digital art exhibition crystal universe
Wander through the Crystal Universe Image by teamLab

Another exciting work is ‘Floating in the Falling Universe of Flowers’, an installation controlled by a real-time computer program. Viewers can use their smartphone to release butterflies into this flower universe. The viewer triggers continuous change in the artwork, meaning the visual state you see is ever replicated.

Tokyo digital art exhibition
Floating in the Falling Universe of Flowers Image by teamLab

TeamLab is a famous Japanese art collective focusing on the interaction between the viewer and the art piece. They want the viewer to become part of the artwork, changing it with their interactions. These possibilities can come alive with the incorporation of technology into art. “The advent of digital technology allows human expression to become free from these physical constraints, enabling it to exist independently and evolve freely”, they explain. “The artwork becomes alive by incorporating the viewers.”

Soft Black Hole
Soft Black Hole Image by teamLab

The collective has previously exhibited in Bangkok, Istanbul and California but this Tokyo digital art exhibition will include new and previously seen works. It opens on Saturday, 16 July at the Odaiba Aomi area and will run every day from 10am to 6pm. One day admission is 2,000 yen or 1,300 yen for student.