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Dozens of 'Kate Bush' fans to recreate Wuthering Heights music video this weekend

‘Is there a collective noun for thousands of fans dressed as Kate Bush congregating in one place?’ asks the organisers of the Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever this weekend.


This weekend on Saturday July 16, thousands have signed up to re-enact Kate Bush’s famous 1978 video for the hit ‘Wuthering Heights’ at flashmobs around the world from the Tempelhof in Berlin to London’s Lambeth Country Fair to Melbourne.

Participants have been asked to learn the dance moves ahead of Saturday, to dress in a red dress, wig, red stockings with a black belt and to bring their boundless Kate Bush adoration and untempered glee and dance en masse to Wuthering Heights.

The Kate Bush Wuthering Height Day was inspired by the Brighton Shambush in 2013. A small group of dedicated volunteers have come together to make this global event a reality. People of all ages and abilities are encouraged to join in and the event is family friendly. If you’re keen to dance out your ‘hot, greedy tempers and chase away bad dreams’ sign up to an event today.

Kate Bush fans celebrate Wuthering Heights this weekend.
Kate Bush fans celebrate Wuthering Heights this weekend. Image by Tim Brackmann