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A pizza INSIDE a pizza is the latest culinary delight from this Brooklyn pizzeria

What’s better than a pizza from one of Brooklyn’s most famed pizzerias? A pizza with a secret surprise hidden under the oozing layers of cheese, of course!

Vinnie’s Pizzeria, one of New York’s most famed pizza joints, has gone and done it again by serving up what can only be described as the most Instagram-worthy of pies. Making it’s debut on their Instagram channel last week, the geniuses in the kitchen at the Brooklyn fast food restaurant posted an image of what they are calling their ‘super surprise pizza’.

Initially it appears to be picture of their famed simple cheese pizza, but upon closer inspection a large slice of double stuffed pepperoni can be seen buried under the molten melting cheesy layers on top. However, the chefs behind this latest pizza craze are trying to keep their fans guessing by asking:  ‘Is it a slice of delicious pepperoni double stuffed under sauce and cheese and cooked into a perfect cheesy fusion? Who knows! Try it and find out!’

This is just the latest calorific and quirky offering from the Brooklyn pizzeria, which has two locations in the trendy Greenpoint and Williamsburg neighborhoods.

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A photo posted by Vinnie’s Pizzeria (@vinniesbrooklyn) on May 2, 2016 at 1:47pm PDT

Last year they became a viral hit on social media when they began to offer the ‘Mini Vinnie’. The ‘Mini Vinnie’ features tiny pizza slices as a topping on a slightly larger pie. Speaking on popular late night chat show Jimmy Kimmel Live, Vinnie’s co-owner Sean Berthiaume revealed they sold at least 1,000 ‘Mini Vinnie’ pies in their first week last year. Months later, Vinnie’s also debuted the pizza-pizza box. Using a Sicilian style pizza base, Berthiaume came up with the edible pizza box that was made entirely out of pizza because he was ‘bored’.

The fast food eatery is also famed for their daily specials boards, which are inspired by celebrities, movies and television shows. The company says Berthiaume has designed more than 700 over the last six years. And some of their most popular boards in recent months included a poignant tribute to Prince which featured a ‘Purple Romaine’ pie as well as the cheesy ‘Purple Plain’ slice which featured purple mozzarella.

They also recently paid homage to the Pokemon Go craze which has been sweeping the globe by featuring a Pokemon board which listed ‘Bulba Sour’, ‘Artichokémon’ and ‘Ricotta Catch Em All’.