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Travel fanatics can now have luggage made from upcycled airplane seats

If the mere sight of an airplane seat fills you with excitement and the thrill of anticipation, soon you’ll be able to literally carry a piece of an airplane with you all the time. A new company is upcycling old airplane seats into luxury travel accessories.

The Weekend Bag.
The Weekend Bag. Image by Plane

Plane was created by British brothers Ben and Harry Tucker with the aim of creating a new brand of what they call “luxury waste”. The pair rescue discarded aircraft fabric from landfills and turn them into a range of luxury upcycled luggage and accessories.

A laptop sleeve.
A laptop sleeve. Image by Plane

“We are striving to find luxury in innovation and by doing so proving that beauty, indulgence and pleasure do not have to come at the expense of our desire to live sustainably.” The fabric comes from retired planes operated by airlines found all over the world and is stripped by specialist, arriving to the company in giant bales.

The airplane fabric before it's reinvented into accessories.
The airplane fabric before it’s reinvented into accessories. Image by Plane

While you’ll be bringing these accessories on exciting trips, they come with a history all of their own. The brothers estimate on average each piece of fabric they rescue has travelled 18 million miles, visited 62 countries at 575 miles per hour at 35,000 feet in the air. These numbers will be stamped on every bag, along with your initials.

Plane explains the textiles used in airplane material are ideal for tough and durable travel bags as they’re “lightweight, robust, flameproof and stain resistant”. The collection includes weekenders, messengers and rucksacks, along with laptop, tablet and phone accessories.

The rucksack.
The rucksack. Image by Plane

If you want to be one of the first people to show off your luxury upcycled luggage, you can contribute to the Kickstarter now, save on the future retail prices of the items and even have them delivered in time for Christmas.