Lonely Planet Writer

This koala's different coloured eyes have earned her the name Bowie

In a case of modern love, people around the world have fallen for a koala named Bowie after the wildlife hospital that rescued the animal posted pictures on Facebook that show off the unique trait that earned her a famous name.


The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, posted pictures of the three-year-old koala, which has one blue and one brown eye. The koala was even named after the late musical icon David Bowie, who famously had a set of mismatched eyes.

According to the zoo, Bowie the koala was rescued from a road in Australia, but did not have any serious injuries. However, they noticed that she does have reduced pigment in one eye, but said it does not affect her sight. The difference is called heterochromia, which the zoo says is a rare gene she inherited. While the real Bowie did not have heterochromia, he did have different sized pupils that made his eyes seem different colours. The koala will now be treated for a limp before being released into the wild, reports the Guardian.