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Wimbledon is serving up these great cappuccinos with famous faces in foam

When you think of Wimbledon, in England,  it’s likely you think of strawberries and cream, jugs of Pimms and Cliff Richard singing through the rain storms. However, this year the tournament has taken a step towards the future with a machine on site that prints pictures on to cappuccino foam.

Italian giant Lavazza is the official coffee of Wimbledon, and the brand is using the Ripple Maker, a machine that can make any image or logo appear on the milky head of your hot beverage. At the tennis this year, it’s being used to print well-known sporting heroes faces on drinks to keep punters happy in the dreaded queue, but the company behind the technology are actually selling the machine online to specialist coffee shops in the US, Canada and parts of China.

Picture by Lavazza
Picture by Lavazza

So now you can consume Andy Murray’s head, or if you’re so inclined, his mother Judy’s. Ahh, technology.