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This restaurant has just been named the best airport fine dining in the world

Paris is well known for its incredible restaurants – a reputation that apparently extends even to its airport food. A restaurant called I Love Paris at Charles De Gaulle has just been named the best fine dining airport restaurant in the world.

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The restaurant, a project of Chef Guy Martin, was given first prize in the Airport Chef-Led/Fine Dining of the Year category at the FAB Awards (the Airport Food and Beverage Conference and Awards), which were held in Geneva.

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The award was designed to recognize the restaurant’s quality cuisine and “the unique character of its setting”. In winning the top award, Martin beat out Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food at London Heathrow Airport.

Martin is a Michelin-starred French chef who said the goal of the restaurant is “to give pleasure and ensure the well-being of our guests in a comfortable, contemporary and friendly setting designed by India Mahdavi; a beautiful, collective adventure that has been rewarded”.

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The restaurant was launched in June 2015 and is located in Hall L of terminal 2E – which may mean it’s time to book that trip to Paris. The restaurant offers “ top-of-the-range sandwiches, a champagne bar and a 70-seat restaurant”.

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