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Legoland California unveils tallest Lego building in the USA

Visitors often head to New York to see the amazing skyscrapers that define the city’s skyline. But now travellers in California can get a taste of the New York’s tallest building – made entirely out of Lego.

The tallest Lego building in the country has been unveiled at Legoland California in Carlsbad, a replica of the One World Trade Centre in New York. Often called the Freedom Tower, it is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere and its replica is the tallest building made out of the popular building blocks.

The tower is a part of the park’s Miniland USA, which is filled with reproductions of America’s most landmarks from seven different areas of the country.  The recently remodelled Miniland New York now includes the tower and recreates the memorial in Manhattan that honours those killed in the September 11 attacks.

The tower is 26 feet tall and weighs more than 1,000 pounds and took more than 1,200 to build. It was unveiled last week in time for the Fourth of July celebrations, where it was lit up with a fireworks display.


Miniland USA also features recreations from Las Vegas’ famous Strip, including places like the MGM Grand and a miniature wedding chapel. Visitors can also find recreations of the White House, Smithsonian, and Jefferson Monument from Washington DC, and New York’s Rockefeller Plaza and Times Square.

For anyone who wants to see the real thing, the tower contains the One World Observatory on the 100th, 101st and 102nd floors, where visitors can see views of New York from its tallest building.