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This gigantic map helps you find nearly every hiking trail in California

This gigantic map of almost every hiking trail in California is a source of inspiration to enthusiastic hikers, a gorgeous wall decoration or a handy reference tool to mark your hiking experiences and accomplishments.

The California Hiking Map.
The California Hiking Map.

The 40 x 60 map, created by hiking enthusiast Jason Mandly, aims to show every trail open to the public and at least 2 miles in length (the scale needed to be seen on a map). The trails include dedicated hiking trails, class 1 bike paths, and fire roads closed to vehicles.

Jason decided to create the map when he wanted to find a fun way of keeping track of all the hikes he and his wife took together. He searched for a map that contained  every hiking trail in California and when he couldn’t find one, decided to simply create one himself.

On the trail in Bishop, California.
On the trail in Bishop, California. Image by Justyna Zdunczyk/Lonely Planet

The map took two years and hundreds of hours to research before it was ready to print. Jason had to use information from more than a dozen different sources, as well as his own original research to create the most comprehensive reference available to every hiking trail in California. Once the hard work was over and the hiking map was ready to go, he turned to Kickstarter to fund turning the map into a physical creation enthusiastic hikers can use to inspire and keep track of their adventures.

The scheme proved to be a huge success and, despite having a goal of just $3250, Jason ended up with pledges totalling $11,631. So successful has been the demand for the map, orders can take up to three weeks to be fulfilled.

Detail of the map.
Detail of the map.

While the map is a great starter point to plan your next hike, Jason warns that it is not meant to replace traditional maps as a navigational tool. Additionally, some trails may be temporarily or even permanently closed so hikers are advised to consult the local land manager before exploring.

As for Jason, while he hasn’t experienced every hiking trail in California for himself, he promises he’s working his way up to it. He also welcomes revisions from fellow hikers for future editions.

Two young women hikers hiking down a trail.
Two young women hikers hiking down a trail. Image by Whit Richardson/Getty Images/Aurora Open