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Photographer pilot captures stunning snap of storm over the Pacific Ocean

A talented photographer has captured the exciting moment a lightning flash lights up a colossal Cumulonimbus cloud.

A storm gathers over the Pacific Ocean. Shot at 37,000 feet.
A storm gathers over the Pacific Ocean. Shot at 37,000 feet. Image by Santiago Borja

This stunning image was captured from the cockpit by pilot and photographer Santiago Borja while en route to South America recently. The picture displays the breath-taking power of a ferocious incoming storm at night, and was taken while cruising at an altitude of 37,000 feet.

“I’ve been into photography for almost 4 years now and I began with storms a couple of years back. I’ve been flying commercial jets for over 5 years and the trick about storms is that most of the time they are embedded into clouds, so you cannot actually see a single cumulus like this one by itself. It’s usually a lot more cluttered and bumpy, so it’s very rare to get this lucky,” Borja told Lonely Planet News.

“My favourite experiences are when I’m flying and I get to see very rare atmospheric events such as these storms, Atlantic sunrises and some very unusual cloud formations!,” He added

You can see more of Santiago’s pictures here.