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The most expensive destination in the state of New York this summer is not New York City

New York City can be an expensive destination for travellers, but in the summer time it’s not even the priciest destination in the state.

Montauk Lighthouse. Montauk, New York.
Montauk Lighthouse. Montauk, New York. Image by Tim Drivas Photography/Getty Images

The town of East Hampton is the most expensive place to go in New York State in July and August, according to a recent survey from NewYorkHotels.org – unsurprising as the Hamptons have a reputation as a summer destination for wealthy New Yorkers to enjoy the warmer months.

The survey compared the cost of accommodation in 20 popular places in the state for the months of July and August, based on the average rate for the cheapest double room at a three-star hotel. East Hampton on the eastern shore of Long Island was the priciest place to stay, with an average rate of $324 per night for the cheapest rooms.

East Hampton was followed by other nearby coastal communities. However, holidays in the Hamptons get a little bit cheaper by heading to Southampton, which ranked at the third most expensive destination with an average cost of $289 per night. Between the two communities, which collectively make up the Hamptons, was another Long Island destination, Shelter Island came in second with an average rate of $308.

Lower Manhattan skyline at sunset.
Lower Manhattan skyline at sunset. Image by 500px

It makes sense that beach vacations in New York would rise in costs in the summer, as people from around the state look for somewhere to relax. But the high prices make heading to the city seem more affordable in contrast, with New York City coming in as the ninth most expensive destination at $154 per night and Downtown Brooklyn rounding out the top 10 at $148 per night.

Here are the top 10 most expensive destinations in New York State this summer, according to the survey: East Hampton ($324), Shelter Island ($308), Southampton ($289), Saratoga Springs ($268), Southold ($268), Geneva ($189), Niagara Falls ($179), Lake George ($156), New York City ($154) and Downtown Brooklyn ($148).