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Families finding it harder to holiday together as parents juggle with work pressures

Families are finding it harder to go on holidays together because of work pressures. And a new study has also found that school holidays pose childcare problems for parents trying to juggle work and family commitments.

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The research involving over 2000 parents found one or other partner had to take days off work during school holidays. This had a knock-on effect of reducing the time available to families to enjoy their summer break together.

The survey by Nationwide Savings shows that times have changed when it comes to holiday arranging. In fact 73% of parents had to juggle days around to meet particular requirements while 30% claimed they often had to go on holiday without a partner. The Huffington Post’s UK Family Time reports that one in 10 actually said this was a regular occurrence due to pressures of work.

Security check at Gatwick Airport. Image: Gatwick Airport
Security check at Gatwick Airport. Image: Gatwick Airport

The research found that it was more likely that younger parents would be affected in travelling alone with their children.

Almost two in every five parents in the 25 to 34-year-old bracket revealed they either had to go on holiday without their partner or had to use up days while at home just to look after the children. Over 80% of working parents said they experienced problems in booking the time off they need for holidays.

This has led to one in five parents booking their holiday as soon as their work calendar clicks into gear for a new year so that they avoid bottlenecks for summer and Christmas times. Three in every five parents said they need to book at least three months in advance.

Nationwide’s head of savings policy, Andrew Baddeley-Chappell said holidays offered families quality time together. However, timing was often a crucial part as costs climb at peak times.