Lonely Planet Writer

Check out Norway's amazing scenery through the eyes of its well-travelled sheep

Scrolling through Instagram and seeing travel pictures from friends, family and even strangers is enough to give most people a little travel envy. But a new campaign will leave most people feeling very jealous of sheep – and the stunning views they see wandering around Norway’s countryside.

Visit Norway will be following five sheep from different areas around the country – named Heidi, Erik, Frida, Lars and Kari – and posting their adventures on social media with the hashtag #sheepwithaview. The tourism group is also encouraging travellers to snap pics of the amazing sights its animals – and visitors – get to enjoy.

According to Visit Norway, more than two million sheep are released around Norway to roam freely through the countryside. The group also notes that it’s not only sheep that can enjoy Norway’s fjords, mountains and fields. In 1957, the country enacted a law on the right to roam, which gives the public unrestricted access to the open countryside.

It’s not unusual for trekkers to come across sheep in Norway, and the tourism group says that by checking the Norwegian Trekking Association website, travellers can find out when are where to join farmers bringing herds back from the mountains in the fall.

Visit Norway also notes that anyone driving in the country can expect to run into sheep and should be prepared to see and stop for the animals if they see a danger sign with a sheep on it on the road.