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Forget the cronut - check out the new healthy sushi donut

We’ve always had donuts and loved them, and then we went mad for the delicious cronut. The only slight drawback was all the sugar and calories, of course, so it probably comes as no surprise that health aficionados around the world are embracing the new trend in hybrid snacks – the sushi donut.

The sushi donut is the newest food trend. Image: So Beautifully Raw
The sushi donut is the newest food trend. Image: So Beautifully Raw

If you think there’s something fishy about them, you’re correct. Instead of fried dough and sugary toppings, the sushi donut is made of rice, and it contains healthy toppings like fish, ginger, peppers, avocado, seeds and wasabi. We’re pretty sure the Japanese will be embracing the sushi donut craze soon – after all, Japan is the home of sushi. These savoury snacks are not to be confused with donut chain Mister Donut’s “Sushido Delight” cakes, which are a massive favourite in Bangkok, Thailand. Tourists love seeking out these small sushi-shaped donuts, which are decorated with coloured icing and sugar baubles to make them look just like regular sushi.

The snacks actually originated in Australia, as the person to spark the healthy trend for sushi donuts was Sam Murphy from So Beautifully Raw. Sam made her gorgeous donuts from cooled sushi rice seasoned with sushi vinegar and moulded into greased donut pans. She then decorated them with black sesame, ginger, wasabi, cashew mayonnaise and avocado. Sam, from Melbourne, came up with her vegan creation rather serendipitously. “The idea itself didn’t stem from anything too exciting,” she says. “My creative brain somehow thought it was a good idea to put my leftover sushi rice into donut moulds, and the rest is history!”

Sam says that the reaction to the creations has been mixed, but lots of people were excited to make them. People all over the world are making their own versions., including vegan runner and mother-of-four Mairi Rivers from Northern Ireland, who posts recipes of plant-based food for athletes on her Instagram, Ginger Vegan. She made her version of the sushi donut from rice, sesame seeds, guacamole, red pepper, tomato and wasabi. We can’t wait to see where this craze takes us!