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Italian resort is offering refunds to tourists if it rains on their holiday

After the downpours throughout this month, two beaches near Venice are offering bathers their money back if it rains during their day at the seaside.

Beach huts facing the Adriatic Sea.
Beach huts facing the Adriatic Sea. Image by Philip Lee Harvey

In an effort to bolster numbers, beaches at Jesolo on Italy’s normally glorious Adriatic coast have struck a summer deal called “tan or your money back.”

Overhead of beach umberellas
Visitors who pay for sun umbrellas on  town’s beaches will get money back if it rains. Image by Getty Images

The Local reports that visitors who pay for sun loungers on the town’s two beaches will get their money back if it rains on their sunbathing expeditions. With long-range weather forecasts predicting a hit and miss summer for Italy, the local authority is hoping its offer will entice people to leave home for a day out.

Sun loungers can cost from between €13 and €18 a day to rent so locals will get a sizeable reimbursement if their day out coincides with wet conditions. A local tourist official said the offer would apply to anyone spending their holidays in Jesolo. The official told La Nuova Venezia newspaper that the town wants people from other parts of Italy and the EU to visit their regions.

Bathers can take out what amounts to weather insurance by paying an extra euro when reserving their sun loungers online at jesolospiagge.it. By paying the extra fee, visitors can get a refund if more than 3mm of rain falls on any day between 11am and five o’clock in the afternoon.

Jesolo hit the headlines last summer when a tornado was caught on camera destroying the beach.