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Paris rolls out hassle-free electric scooter hire scheme

Fancy the thought of zipping around Paris on a scooter this summer? It’s easier than ever from today onwards, as a new scheme has been launched offering 150 scooters for hire around the centre of the city.

Scooters in Paris.
Scooters in Paris. Image by Semio / CC BY 2.0

The hassle-free system uses an app, Cityscoot, through which users can find where the nearest scooter is, see how much battery life it has left and book it, picking it up within the next ten minutes. They’re supplied with a four-digit code displayed that enables the unlocking of the scooter for a set amount of time, ending once the scooter is parked again.

There’s no need for a licence, and the system involves no cards or keys. Instead of charging stations, batteries are kept topped up by the Cityscoot maintenance team who replace empty batteries with freshly charged ones and provide helmets and hygiene caps.

Bikes are available to use between 7am to 11pm each day and cost 8 cents per minute, or you can buy a package of €25 for 100 minutes or €100 for 500 minutes. Users must be over 18 and registered with Cityscoot having submitted their contact details and a debit card, plus a valid ID reports The Local.

Vespa Scooter, Paris.
Vespa Scooter, Paris. Image by Semio / CC BY 2.0

The Cityscoot hiring system works well for short-medium city trips, as they can cover about 105 kilometres, before they need a recharge. An extra battery is supplied which allows the scooter to run for another 40 to 50 kilometers when necessary. There are plans to have 1000 scooters in total by March next year.

The scheme is part of a wider movement to reduce traffic and pollution in France’s capital. Mayor Anne Hidalgo has endorsed the Cityscoot initiative, and introduced a number of others, including part-time pedestrianisation of key zones such as the Champs-Elysees.