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Australia’s first Japanese-style capsule hotel to open in Sydney

A capsule hotel will open later this year in Sydney’s former Bar Century in George St. The capsules are about 2 metres by 1.25 metres in dimension, and provide sleepers with space to sit up and store minimal luggage. The capsules will be priced at A$35 per night or $50 for a slightly larger space.

Capsule hotel in Fukuoka, Japan.
Capsule hotel in Fukuoka, Japan. Image by sean / CC BY-SA 2.0

Capsule hotels originated in Osaka, Japan, initially for late working businessmen looking to have a cheap, convenient sleep. The Sydney accommodation is targeting the budget travel market that wants a cheap bed but does not want to share a bunk as you would in a traditional low-cost hostel.

Capsule hotel, Kobe, Japan.
Capsule hotel, Kobe, Japan. Image by Kojach / CC BY 2.0

Broadsheet spoke to Giant Design employee Chris Wilks about the aesthetic of this new hotel which will be located in one of the city’s old bars. The owners are going for a wooden vintage style pod manufactured in Asia over a sleek ‘futuristic’ pod aesthetic to retain the bar’s “vintage look and feel.”

The concept has been in its development stages for the last 12 months. Given the bed will be cheaper than a taxi home for many people in Sydney, Wilks suggested it may prove a an alternative to getting home after a night out.