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A Californian gas station was briefly available to rent on Airbnb

Have you ever dreamed of sleeping overnight in a gas station? Um, no judgement. But if you have, there was a listing on Airbnb last week that could have made all your dreams come true.

A local garage in Salinas, California was listed for $50 on the home-sharing site according to the local radio station KSBW, and touted as a safe place to spend a night, with security cameras, good lighting, and a location on a busy street corner near the center of town with “easy freeway access.” However there’s no bed, so renters were advised to bring their own inflatable mattress.

A gas station in the California desert / Getty Images
A gas station in the California desert / Getty Images

The owner was keen to stress that this wasn’t a high-end accommodation, more of a once in a lifetime thing to tick off your bucket list. And seeing as the gas station is a fully functioning business by day, the night on offer was from 10pm until 5am the next morning. “Rather than stay at a real nice comfy luxury place, this has a real nice experience,” Pete Shen told KSBW.

Sadly, the listing isn’t currently appearing on the site, but it’s not clear as to whether it just didn’t work out, or it violated some of Airbnb’s rules.