Lonely Planet Writer

Introducing the Doughrito, California’s heart-stopping breakfast of a doughnut INSIDE a burrito

Nothing can stop the world’s insatiable desire for new food combinations and this new one proves we haven’t reached peak food experimentation just yet. Introducing the Doughrito which is…yes, you’ve guessed it, a doughnut-filled breakfast burrito.

Unlike other inventions like jet black ice cream, this new culinary delight doesn’t hail from New York, but rather sunny California and the team behind Surfin’ Donuts & Grill (a rather odd combination in itself). They have three locations around Orange County and have been masterminding ways to combine the doughnuts with the grill.

The premise is simple, but still mind-boggling; choose a meat (bacon, sausage, ham or steak), a doughnut to compliment it (glaze, maple, sugar or chocolate) and wrap it in a burrito with egg and cheese as desired.

The doughrito has been available for the last few months but has been salivating the tastebuds of the internet after a chance discovery from Foodbeast writer Elie Ayrouth while nursing a hangover. The verdict? Surprisingly delicious. The doughnut breakfast burrito may not be the most elegant breakfast item on the menu but it does tick all the boxes of sweet and savoury that your tastebuds may crave in the morning. Best of all, it’s perfectly possible to recreate this easily at home, so go forth and create an epic doughrito hybrid of your own today!