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Boutique airline offers travellers a year of unlimited flights between New York City and London or Paris

Just ten quick-off-the-draw travellers will snap up this deal. The ten “L’Unlimited by La Compagnie” tickets will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis and go on sale between July 18 and 23.

London Eye outlook. Image by Tasan Phatthong

For the far-from-cheap price of $35,000, ticket holders can take transatlantic round-trips as much as they like and enjoy the attention of a personal concierge to handle their booking. The deal celebrates the two-year anniversary since the launch of the world’s first affordable business-only airline in July 2014. Speaking with Business Insider, La Compagnie CEO Frantz Yvelin said: “Over the past two years, we’ve established a loyal fan base and want to reward them for our second anniversary.”

New York skyline.
New York skyline. Image by Katie Haugland / CC BY 2.0

In its mission to disrupt business-class travel, La Compagnie regularly offers round-trip business-class tickets for far less than its competitors. La Compagnie passengers can often fly business class between New York City and London for $1,500 and Paris for $1,800, round-trip. The $35,000 price tag has led some to question the advantage of the deal. Business Insider estimates ticket holders will have to travel across the Atlantic between 20 and 23 times to break even on their investment.

Paris. Image by Juan Antonio F. Segal / CC BY 2.0

However, considering London was crowned Cvent’s top business destination in 2015, thanks to its booming business and abundance of hotels, the British capital is a popular city for American business travellers. Paris clinched third place in the same report. For those corporate travellers who fly regularly between Europe and North America’s major business hubs, La Compagnie’s unlimited travel ticket could be the deal of the year.