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London's Open Garden Squares weekend is back celebrating the urban green of the city

London is synonymous with some of the world’s most beautiful urban parks and gardens. From Kew Gardens, to Kensington Gardens, London has a long history of producing beautiful gardens in the midst of the busy hustle of the big city.

A couple take a photo in front of pink Azalea flowers at Kew Gardens.
A couple take a photo in front of pink Azalea flowers at Kew Gardens. Image by Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images

Every year for 19 years London has celebrated its urban gardens with the wonderful Open Garden Squares Weekend, a weekend that see 18,000 garden lovers visit around 50,000 visits across 25 different London boroughs.



The range of gardens is huge, with some of them well-known like the Coutts & Co Skyline Garden, The River Café garden and the Eversheds vegetable garden.

Others are in people’s private homes and even resident’s private parks or squares. The gardens of Eccleston, Eaton, and Belgrave Square will be opening their doors to the public this weekend. These were squares, that like many others that are found around London, were created by the Victorians and Edwardians as a way of introducing green back into the then rapidly expanding city. They also served as places to socialise and walk.

Attendees to the Open Gardens weekend will also be able to take part in the very popular Kew Gardens’ Tropical Nursery walk and talk, a once-off alongside a visit to The Master’s Garden within the Temple complex, the Royal Garrison Church of St George in Woolwich. Places on these highly-requested tours are offered off by ballot once you sign up.

Other visits will include entrances into private residencies with impressive courtyard or rooftop gardens all around the city. The Open Garden Squares weekends was originally thought up to celebrate the urban green and since its inception it has gained an enormous following.

Tickets to the whole weekend can be purchased here.