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British men spend more than women to look good on holidays

British men can no longer grumble about women shopping, as a new survey has indicated that they spend more than women when it comes to buying holiday clothes. The average man spends £205 on new t-shirts (47%), shirts (28%) and shorts (41%) to make himself look good on his travels.

Men spend more than women on holiday wardrobes
Men spend more than women on holiday wardrobes Image by Getty Images

This compares with women who spend on average £166 on t-shirts (52%), flip flops or sandals (44%), dresses (39%) and bikinis (33%), according to the study by independent parcel delivery and return service firm, CollectPlus. The main reason for spending so much on a new wardrobe is down to confidence apparently, with a third of holidaymakers purchasing new clothes to make them look their best. Well, unless they’ve purchased a mankini, obviously.

Striped deck chairs on pebble beach.
Striped deck chairs on pebble beach. Image by Richard Newstead/Getty Images

With excess baggage charges blighting most of our flights these days, it is worth bearing in mind that those surveyed didn’t wear a third of the the clothes they brought with them. However, just over a third said that buying summer clothes gets them in the holiday mood, and they typically plan what they want to buy two or three months in advance. A quarter of all travellers admit to wearing more than one outfit on the flight to avoid excess baggage fees. Mind you, they probably don’t go to the lengths that Welsh tourist Matt Botten went to, when he wore all of his clothes on an easyJet flight from London Gatwick to Reykjavik in Iceland in March to avoid paying £45 for a hold bag. See full story here.

Martin Parr's weird and whacky portrayals of different beach life around the world
Martin Parr’s weird and wacky portrayals of different beach life around the world. Image by Martin Parr/Bondi Pavilion Gallery

While 11% of British holidaymakers feel the need to wear brand new clothes when they go away, 12% of women like to be fashionable and are twice as likely as men to buy new clothing to fit in with locals. It is predicted that the British will spend around £4.3 billion on holiday clothes this year, and 58% will shop online to get better deals.

Well you can’t put a price on looking fly on the beach!