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A man created a teeny tiny passport for his baby-to-be and it's adorable

When two world travellers discover they’re having a baby before a big trip, there is only one logical option; create a teeny tiny passport for the travelling bump.

Daddy passport, Mommy passport and Beany's passport.
Daddy passport, Mommy passport and Beany’s passport.

Malachi Ray Rempen – creator of the Itchy Feet comics –  found out his wife was pregnant just two days before embarking on a trip to Japan, so the night before leaving he created a very special document using one of his expired passports. Malachi told Lonely Planet, “I just sliced up my old expired German one and glued some pages together. I used the very first ultrasound image as the passport photo.” The owner is listed as ‘Beany Baby’, the age ‘-7 months’.


The couple brought their “fetus-passport” with them on their travels to Japan, collecting the free stamps available at most tourist sites. They didn’t find any similar sites in Abu Dhabi so tried another tactic on the way out.  “My wife got up the nerve to ask the customs official to stamp the little passport with his actual stamp!” Malachi said. “I guess the guy was confused enough or charmed by her big smile, shrugged and stamped it.”


Malachi posted the miniature passport on Reddit, delighting travel-mad users, though he received some words of caution about “forging” a passport. The couple are keen to collect more stamps on their future travels before officially welcoming their Beany Baby.  “We’re headed to Denmark and Sweden next, and possibly France and maybe even the USA later this summer…so I might have to add more pages, we’re already running out!” Malachi’s travels don’t necessarily have to stop when baby comes along. He could take inspiration from the Australian couple who have travelled to 65 countries with their kids in tow.