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Austrians are the most comfortable with beach nudism says study

Who’s better at being naked on holiday? Apparently that was the question that a recent Expedia survey attempted to answer.


Surveying 24 countries including USA, Brazil, UK, Australia, Spain, France, and Italy, Expedia found out that the world champion of nude sunbathing is Austria! 76% of Austrians said that they would be comfortable being nude or topless on a beach, 4% more than the runners up, Germany. Just over 400 Austrians took part in the survey of 11,000 people. 40% of Austrian women answered the survey by saying that they had sunbathed topless on a beach, whilst 28% of men admitted having gone completely naked on a beach.

Cancun beachfront.
Cancun beachfront. Image by Ricardo Diaz / CC BY 2.0

Italians turned out to be the most prudish according to Expedia’s survey with 71% saying that they would not enjoy sitting next to nude sunbathers on a beach.