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This wingsuit flight over a volcano in Chile will have you biting your nails

In a truly nerve-racking piece of footage for GoPro a woman flies a wingsuit over one of South America’s most active volcanoes.


Wingsuit enthusiast Roberta Mancino trained for years in order to be ready to jump from a helicopter 15,000 feet in the air through the ash, smoke and turbulence above Chile’s Villarrica volcano. It had been a childhood dream of hers!

Villaricca volcano in Chile
Villaricca volcano in Chile Image by Screengrab Youtube

Using a GoPro Hero4 to capture some nail-bitingly terrifying footage, Roberta glides through sulphurous air over the crater of the volcano revealing the lava lake below.

A wingsuit enthusiast drops above a volcano
A wingsuit enthusiast drops above a volcano Image by Screengrab Youtube

As she slows down she pulls the parachute, letting out a final sigh of relief and whoop as she touches terra firma.