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Gourmet prison food is coming to Singapore courtesy of an 'Orange is the New Black' pop-up restaurant

Another week, another TV-themed pop-up. This time, Singapore will play host to an Orange is the New Black pop-up restaurant where diners will be served gourmet versions of prison food.

You'll probably look happier than this at the restaurant.
You’ll probably look happier than this at the restaurant. Image by Netflix

For June 16 and 17, Netflix will be bringing Litchfield Penitentiary Cafeteria to the OverEasy diner for some “home-cooked prison grub”, just in time to get diners’ appetite whetted for season 4 which premieres Friday 17 June. Given that prison food is traditionally a pretty grim dining fare – and the cause of much conflict in Orange is the New Black – you’d be forgiven for questioning the rationale behind the idea. The menu of corn, gravy and gruel may not sound appealing, but a second glance at the menu might have you changing your mind.

Prison food never looked so good
Prison food never looked so good Image by Chope.co

In American prisons Nutraloaf is an unappetising ‘punishment meal’ consisting of three courses blended into a paste. Under the guidance of chef Bjorn Shen, it’s transformed into a concoction of mushroom, nori cake and white truffle oil, though he assures people it will look just as terrible as the original version.  And to wash it all down? Well, it is prison after all, so you’ll have to be happy with tap water.

The transformation is not limited to the menu either; diners can expect a fully immersive prison experience, complete with plastic trays and glasses and some prison wardens to keep the peace. It looks like Singaporeans are already convinced as both days are now fully booked out. If you’d still like to experience a different take on prison life, fear not as limited walk-ins are available. Now the tough question; who will you sit with?