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New Zealand's ‘morning-after maids’ service offers help for that hangover

A start-up company in New Zealand – specialising in a morning-after maids service for partygoers with hangovers – has become a sensation as requests flood in for its services from around the world.

Morning-After Maids Catherine Ashurst and Rebecca Foley.
Morning-After Maids Catherine Ashurst and Rebecca Foley. Image by Photograph: Catherine Ashurst, Rebecca Foley / CC BY 2.0

The business, called ‘Morning After Maids’ was launched in Auckland by flatmates Catherine Ashurst and Rebecca Foley last month.

Coffee is on the menu for party goers with hangovers once the maids arrive
Coffee is on the menu for party goers with hangovers once the ‘Morning After Maids’ arrive Image by Katie Collins/PA Wire

Basically, they do what it says on the tin by cleaning up revellers’ debris, buying and cooking breakfast and even helping hosts with hangovers by bringing in coffee and painkillers.

And yes, the girls will even clean up big mess  – including vomit – but there is a NZ$10 surcharge for such chores.

The Guardian reports that since their Facebook debut in May, Ashurt and Foley have been surprised at the level of interest from all over New Zealand.

On top of that, they have received calls from people in Canada and the US who want to explore the possibility of franchising their start-up business further afield.

The idea emerged from the fact that both women are self-confessed “clean freaks.”

They are planning to meet with lawyers and a mentor this week to plan where they take their business next.

Ms Ashurst said they were amazed at the response and was delighted they had struck such a chord with so many people.

She said they would seek advice on how to expand their niche business without growing  too rapidly.

The pair already work in full-time jobs and use nights and weekends to carry out their own private business.

As twenty-somethings, they understand the party vibe and say they knock banter out of their clean-up situations.

They stress that it is different from a straight-forward cleaning service as they chat and cook for their clients.