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The top holiday hot spots in the UK for the people who live there

Air travel is becoming more and more common, but in Great Britain, plenty of people choose to forego flying and opt for a staycation in the summertime. And now, the most popular destinations on home turf have been revealed thanks to a study by Comfort Insurance. The top places visited in Britain by British people are Cornwall, the Lake District and the Scottish Highlands.

Image: Good Cornwall Guide
Image: Good Cornwall Guide

31% of adults said Cornwall was their top choice in the British Isles for a summer break – no surprise really, considering it has miles of sandy beaches, picturesque villages and acres of green fields. It was followed by the Lake District with 17% of the vote, and the Scottish Highlands (12%).

Lake Windermere, Lake District National Park.
Lake Windermere, Lake District National Park. Image by rockabilly_girl / CC BY 2.0

Staycation breaks are becoming more and more popular. There was a 7% increase in the amount of trips taken last year, with more than 105 million trips taking place in 2015. Many Brits choose to drive campervans to their destination of choice – in fact, camping is so popular in the UK that there are several reality shows devoted to the hobby.  In the survey, 27% of British people chose the vehicles as their preferred accommodation.

Inverness Castle in the Scottish Highlands.
Inverness Castle in the Scottish Highlands. Image by Vicki Burton / CC BY-SA 2.0