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Hasta la vista Nelly! Watch as elephant charges at Arnold Schwarzenegger on safari in Africa

He may be the Terminator, but even Hollywood action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger was no match for an African elephant when it charged a vehicle he was travelling in while on safari in South Africa. In a clip posted on Twitter and Instagram, the 68-year-old former governor of California is heard saying: “He’s going to charge us,” as the elephant makes a run at the open game viewing vehicle the star and his party were travelling in.

As the elephant closes in, the vehicle moves off with the creature in hot pursuit. While he laughed the incident off afterwards, Schwarzenegger clearly got a fright as he remarked that “some of us had to change our pants.”

“I couldn’t have written this safari encounter better if it was for a movie,”  he said, adding that he was “absolutely in awe of these beautiful animals.” In a poignant reference to the 30,000 African elephants that are killed by poachers every year, he ended by saying that he wished “people would stop killing them for their ivory.”

Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger: Image: Instagram
Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger: Image: Instagram

Arnie took the safari trip while he was in South Africa for an annual sports and fitness conference and exhibition, Arnold Classic Africa, which ran from May 27-29. It’s doubtful the star anticipated that driving with an elephant in hot pursuit would have been one of the events!