Lonely Planet Writer

This travel agency will take your plush toy on a holiday around Japan

If you can’t afford to visit exotic places yourself, perhaps your next best option is to send your teddy!


That’s right, a company in Japan offers a wonderful service whereby your teddy can go on a dream holiday all on his own! Unagi Travel is a Japanese company that claims to be a “travel agency for stuffed animals”.


For the small fee of $35 to $55 Unagi Travel will bring your stuffed toy around Tokyo for an adventure, taking it to the shrines, its famous teen trend spot Shibuya, and to the Tokyo tower.


Alternatively it takes the plush toys on a route around the shrines and hot springs outside Kyoto, the one-time capital of Japan. A third option is for brave customers to opt for the Mystery Tour – to an unknown spot by plane.


All of this is documented by the Unagi Travel team and includes stops at local restaurants to (pretend to) try some of the local delicacies. The photos are uploaded to the company’s Facebook page revealing some truly silly but adorable scenarios. According to its 38 year-old founder Sonoe Azuma, the tours inspire people to travel. Speaking to Japan News, she said that a 51 year-old woman who had lost the use of her legs sent her teddy on a holiday with Unagi and after seeing what a splendid time the teddy had, she decided to go on a holiday herself.


The company has almost 13,000 Facebook and is sure to gain in popularity as it continues to provide this hilarious but heart-warming service.