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Watch what happened when a dance troupe performed at 35,000ft

Low-cost airlines are known for their small cabins, but it turns out, a Ryanair plane was big enough for customers to go dancing in the aisles this week. A Milan-based swing dance troupe called Golden Swing kicked things off when they surprised fellow passengers with an enchanting routine at 35,000ft. And some travellers were even happy enough to join them, and the flight attendants, for an on-board knees up as the plane flew from Vilnius, Lithuania, back to Milan. The group then uploaded the video to YouTube.

Most passengers appeared to get in the spirit of things, but there were some with a sour puss – perhaps hoping for a quiet trip on the two hour flight and getting more than they bargained for.

Ryanair has announced it aims to lower fares.
Ryanair has announced it aims to lower fares. Image by Ryanair

The no-frills airline has been receiving a lot of positive press of late, and has seen its profits soar this year – and no doubt its good reputation is boosted by viral videos like this one.