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Discover the coolest corners of Europe with a start-up that offers mystery tours

A new start-up travel business in Spain has come up with a ‘Wonder Trip’ idea for passengers.

Paris could be the destination of the weekend breaks or it could be one of many other cities across Europe
Paris is one of the destinations people can sign up to in the new short break scheme Image by Navin Rajagopalan / CC BY-SA 2.0

The concept seeks to get passengers to sign up for short breaks on the proviso that they will only find out 48-hours before departure where their destinations will be.  Contrary to conventional thinking, the idea of not knowing where you are going has appealed to a surprising number of travellers imbued with a spirit of adventure. The fledgling business has been awarded one of the best ten undiscovered start-ups in Spain by Equidam, which evaluates platform start-ups.

Budapest could also be another 'surprpise location' in the new start up
Budapest could also be another ‘surprise location’ in the new ‘Wonder Trip’ concept Image by Michela Simoncini / CC BY 2.0

The Local reports that the ‘Wonder Trip’ offers breaks across Europe and Morocco for either €149 or €199. That includes accommodation and flights though you won’t find out where you are headed until 24, 48 or 72 hours depending on which time-frame you have chosen on the website. Among the 15 sites on the basic plan are Paris, Birmingham, Budapest, Cologne and Oporto.

According to Laura Herrero González from the Wonder Trip, people buy the weekend break to discover new places and get a different experience. She said it also ensures them avoiding paying top prices and wasting their time organising the such trips. There is also the added attraction of unorthodox guides who helped travellers discover “coolest corners of a city in 48 hours,” she added.