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British dad breaks world record by visiting 12 countries in 24 hours

A 39-year-old solo traveller from Leeds, Great Britain has set a new world record for the most countries visited in 24 hours. Father-of-three Adam Leyton embarked on the journey last week after months of careful planning in the hopes of breaking the world record and raising money for SANDS, a stillbirth charity that helped his sister after the tragic loss of her baby girl six years ago.

Adam in Copenhagen Airport
Adam in Copenhagen Airport Image by Adam Leyton

He succeeded with mere minutes to spare, running to make it to Austria within the deadline of 24 hours. Adam’s journey began at 7.01am in Perl in Germany on May 25th and he then passed through Luxembourg, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary before crossing into Austria with just eight minutes left.

Adam with his mascot Featherbank
Adam with his mascot Featherbank Image by Adam Leyton

He used only scheduled transport and his own two legs, and even crossed four countries off his list in the first 74 minutes of his trip. He used planes, trains and buses, but things got a bit hairy when he entered Hungary at 6.38am, and he was forced to run the final 2km. But Adam made it, and is waiting for Guinness to verify his achievement for the Book of World Records. The previous record set in 1993 saw eleven countries visited in 24 hours.

You can donate to his campaign here.