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Ticket to ride Orient Express from Berlin to London costs a mere €3000

It’s the nearest you’ll get travelling back in time when lovers of the Weimar Republic and the roaring 1920s are given the opportunity to journey by rail between Berlin and London next month.

The Orient Express
The Orient Express departs Berlin on 4 June  and embarks on a four-day trip via Paris to London Image by Mzximvs VdB / CC BY 2.0

The cost for such a trip down memory lane comes in at just over €3000.

Departing Berlin’s Hauptbahnhof (Central Station) on 4 June, the Venice Simplon Orient-Express will embark on a four-day trip to London through Paris.

What makes the trip special is that the big locomotive up front will be pulling the original carriages of the luxury train.

To give you a sense of its era, it first journeyed between Paris and Istanbul back in 1883.

While the luxury train usually runs through southern and central Europe taking in such places as Venice, Vienna and Prague, it will make a once-only journey this year from Berlin and one outing again in 2017.

The first section of this year’s trip takes two-day heading to Paris with passengers then enjoying the French capital for a further two-days to take in the sights of the city.

The Orient Express has a magic all its own and allows those travelling on it to savour one of the finest luxury experiences anywhere in the world.

Famous for the great Agatha Christie thriller Murder On The Orient Express, there are stewards on board to hop to your every whim in its three dining carriages.

The Local reports that the Express also houses a famous champagne bar with breath-taking Art Deco interiors.

In fact, the only sure thing is that there will not be a very refined Belgian gentleman named Poirot eyeing you up as if you’ve done something suspicious!