Lonely Planet Writer

Trailer for rent: is this Airbnb on wheels the smallest in the world?

It’s not uncommon to arrive at your holiday accommodation and think it looks smaller than it did in the pictures, but in the case of this Airbnb letting in Boston, small is the unique selling point.

Created by sculptor Jeff Smith, this little cabin is available to rent on the website. He says it’s the smallest house in the world, but ‘house’ might be pushing it – it’s essentially a trailer that’s on wheels. It has room for one person to sleep on a futon, a propane gas stove and a covered hole in the floor that seemingly works as a toilet. Yep, it has a drawer underneath filled with cat litter and has to be emptied.


Smith says on the listing “This house is very small, but super convenient. It’s on wheels and one reasonably fit person can roll it anywhere. It also fits in a regular-sized van. Staying in the smallest house in the world is a unique experience and not for regular people.”


He could well be right, as most regular people wouldn’t entertain the thoughts of staying in a cabin on wheels. However, those with an adventurous soul might love the thought of dragging their temporary home around the city with them or hooking it to a car for a solo weekend away.