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South Korea has found the perfect cure for a hangover - an ice cream!

Who has not wished for a magical cure to make all the pain and exhaustion go away after a night of heavy drinking? And what if that cure didn’t need to be hard or unpleasant, but in fact came in the form of a simple and delicious ice cream?

nterior of Barket in Anyang, outskirts of Seoul, South Korea
Interior of Barket in Anyang, outskirts of Seoul, South Korea Image by Getty Images

That’s exactly what South Korea is proposing.

Known for being the country in Asia that consumes the most alcohol, South Korea has come up with the incredible invention of Gyeondyo-bar – a grapefruit flavoured ice cream with oriental raisin tree juice that banishes people’s hangovers.


According to The Journal of Neuroscience, the raisin tree extract is the magical ingredient, as a study in 2012 found that it relieved intoxication among rats and has been proven to alleviate the effects of heavy drinking.

The Gyeondyo bar’s name means ironically, “hang in there.” The South Korean franchise Withme FS, that is bringing out the hangover-cure ice cream said in a statement that the bar would “provide comfort to those who have to come to work early after frequent nights of drinking.” The raisin tree has long been thought to help with hangovers in South Korea.

South Korea has invented an ice-cream that may cure hangovers
South Korea has invented an ice cream that may cure hangovers Image by Getty Images

South Koreans have long been obsessed with hangover cures and there are often new solutions and products on the market to help tackle the issue. This is in part due to the fact that South Korea consumes more alcohol than any other Asian country. The hangover cure industry is a $125 million industry that covers everything from make-up to drinks, through to medicine.

It’s good news for South Koreans in any case, and further reason for everyone else who enjoys a drink as well as the hangover cure that follows!