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Prepare for an Oreo Overload as the bagel bandwagon hits New Jersey

New York City has long been ahead of the curve when it comes to deliciously instagram-worthy treats, and it’s also famous for its bagel tradition. However, not to be outdone by its neighbouring state, New Jersey has jumped on the bagel bandwagon and now has its own confection that’s making headlines. Meet the Oreo Overload from the Bagel Nook in Freehold, NJ.

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It’s a chocolate and vanilla swirled bagel containing pulverised Oreos and cream cheese according to the New York Post, and the owners of the Bagel Nook were inclined to create it because they didn’t want to just be your average sandwich shop.

The Oreo Overload has been around since January and now has quite the following; in the last couple of days it’s been tried and tested by TV hosts Kelly Ripa and Carson Daly who both gave it a resounding thumbs up.

And Twitter users have been frankly losing their minds over the concoction, with one user saying “I could “die happy” once they’d had one.

However if you’re watching your calories, be warned that the owners haven’t worked out the count. They’re probably right to figure that anyone mindful of gaining weight wouldn’t want to eat a cookie-stuffed, cream-cheese filled carbohydrate with the word “overload” in its title.

Oh, and if Oreos aren’t your thing, be advised – the Bagel Nook make a variety of outrageous bagels using Fruit Pebbles, Captain Crunch and even “crazy” chocolate chip French Toast.

The Oreo bagel. Took this shot that was featured on the Today Show. #thebagelnook

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