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Spectacular mountain road to reopen in Norway for summer tourist season

The Troll’s Path, one of Norway’s most spectacular mountain roads in the Trollstigen mountains, has opened again in time for the summer tourist season.

The road has been partially opened but the threat of an avalanche at some curves means that it be closed for some time
The Troll’s Path in Norway has been partially opened from last weekend for the summer season Image by Gerben Jacobs / CC BY 2.0

The Local reports that traffic was allowed on the stretch between Slettvikane and Stigrøra at the weekend –  a pleasant surprise given the state of Trollstigen only a month ago.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) said it was still unsure when the whole road would be fully open.

A NPRA spokesman explained that a large snow mass either needed to stabilise and melt or turn into a landslide before it would be entirely safe for traffic to return.

The Administration highlighted the importance of tourists and motorists in the area following traffic advice before visiting Trollstigen. While parts were closed, the Mountain Plateau which overlooks the hairpin curves, has remained open.

The scenic route has 11 hairpin bends and winds past the Stigfossen Waterfall.

It offers magnificent views of the mountain side around Rauma in western Norway.

The road is one of Norway’s biggest tourist attractions and runs from Geiranger to Trollstigen, and includes a ferry crossing at the Norddal Fjord.